Can CBD oil help with anxiety? – An insight that may help

Relieving stress

Everyone at some point has something that alters their lives and causes some kind of stress. Whether there are unpreparedness for a work meeting, school report, etc. With that being said, there’s’ multiple forms of anxiety disorders that can come with it. It’s all a bit overwhelming. Is there a way to reduce this anxiety? Sure there’s yoga and meditation. Can CBD oil help with anxiety?

There’s a lot of research that has been done to show this and I’m going to explain why I think it is a possibility.

Afterward, you can determine if there are right for you!

Everyday stress versus anxiety disorders.

Stress and anxiety come in all forms and can be a hindrance in our everyday lives. For some, these stresses can effect how you sleep.

The constant thoughts that pester your mind and proceed to continue in a vicious loop. Which, in turn, leads to lack of sleep. Stress and anxietySound familiar?

Or perhaps work and family life isn’t quite the dream that you imagined. Your job is a creation of stress all in there are own category and you aren’t where you thought you’d be.

To make up for this you’re at a constant struggle to play catch up.

Or a lack of employment is causing a whole new world of stress? These stresses can lead to anxiety or even chronic stress.

Unfortunately, chronic stress can lead to the following:

  • heart disease
  • panic disorders
  • depression
  • social anxiety
  • weight gain

The examples above are only a select few of how serious stress and anxiety can be. There’s so many other ways in which it can hurt your immune, gastrointestinal, muscular and mental state of mind.

For those who have chronic anxiety or suffer from depression, can become addicted to their medication or find themselves in therapy or avoid it all together. Chronic stress can shrink the brain as well as damage neurons. It’s a vicious loop indeed.

THC versus CBD – What’s the difference?

THC or tetrahydrocannabinol is the chemical compound found in a cannabis plant that creates a high. However, CBD or cannabidiol does not.

Even though both come from the same plant, cannabidiol can actually create more of a calming effect to counter anxiety without the fears of creating a high. Along with many other benefits that will be discussed in future articles.

I think there are this confusion between the two is what causes so many problems. Oftentimes, people will think that by using cbd oil that it will cause them to get high. When in reality, cbd oil offers so much more.

Marijuana has approximately 5-20% THC in it, whereas CBD oil has 0.3%. There really isn’t much THC in CBD oil.

Don’t get me wrong, THC offers several of the same benefits that CBD has to offer.
However, there are all done without the high feeling that so many people feel.

Being a person who likes to be in control of her own thoughts, CBD oil is very beneficial!

However, aside from the typical pill popping, is there a possibility that something else could also work that may not be as addicting? Fortunately, CBD oil provides this.

How can CBD oil help me with stress?

CBD oil

A very interesting piece of information is that your body naturally produces cannabidiol in your endocannabinoid system.

However, how cbd oil works is that it offsets anxiety and stress feelings by stimulating your neurotransmitter systems.

CBD oil boosts growth of new neurons and encourages regeneration thus restoring the balance of your endocannabinoid system.

One neurotransmitter called serotonin, plays a major role in how you sleep, memory and depression.

How CBD oil works is it binds to this same neurotransmitter influencing it, hence producing a calming effect that is so desired. This change in the way your brain responds reduces stress and anxiety.

Are there any negative effects?

For some there could be some negative effects based on how much you weigh, how much you take and the rate at which your metabolism works.

Some possible negative effects could be:

  • dry mouth
  • nausea
  • diarrhea
  • change in mood

This is a list of a few side effects, please keep in mind that along with everything else, everyone is different and has contrasting experiences.

Typically starting off with a very small dose and working your way up is the better solution than starting out with a large dose thinking more is better. It is not.

Knowing that there is still much to learn about CBD oil and there are benefits, keeping an eye out and listening to your body and there are reaction (if any) is a good idea.

Everyone could use a little less stress.

There are many benefits surrounding the use of CBD oil. Alleviating stress and anxiety is only one of them. Each person who may be in question should consult with their doctor to see if there are right for them. Relaxation

Also, depending on where you live, you may want to reach out and see if there are something that is legal in the area you live in.

With the secret ingredient that naturally occurs within the cannabis plant, someone who suffers greatly could potentially find relief and relaxation.

So, can cbd oil help with anxiety? There’s a very good possibility but you would be the one to best answer that.

Being someone who has struggled her whole life trying to remain calm and avoiding anxiety attacks, it is helpful knowing there are other solutions aside from pills.

Well deserved relaxation leading to a balanced life to rebuild and restore those damaged neurons and improve your mind. Please make sure to leave comments below and tell me what your thoughts are!



11 thoughts on “Can CBD oil help with anxiety? – An insight that may help

  1. I want to say a big thank you for sharing such a n amazing article. I think this article will benefit the general public in a large extent. CBD oil is very rich and has so many advantages to human health, it’s been observed that CBD oil can help with anxiety. When properly used plays a major role in human health.

  2. When my wife was dealing with cancer treatment she was feeling a lot of anxiety. So we ordered some CBD oil to help her with that. Although the side effect where there, they were very minimal. CBD oil definitely helped to alleviate her anxiety about going through chemo as well as a liver resection.

    1. Eric, I am so sorry to hear about your wife’s condition. My thoughts go out to you and her. I can only imagine how much anxiety that would cause. I’m glad to hear that CBD oil has helped her. 

  3. Thanks for this useful article. I had my phases of anxiety and GAD and went for a form of SSRIs. I wish to see an article that can elaborate and compare the difference between SSRIs and CBD and to know if CBD can in anyway be a replacement to the medication.

    Thanks for the useful details.

    1. You’re so welcome, and thank you for the suggestions. I will do my best to provide information about the two next time. 

  4. I keep getting pounded by cbd oil advertisements left and right.  I for sure will probably buy some of this stuff eventually lol.  But yea i have struggled with panic attacks and social anxiety for sure.  They are not fun and especially the panic attacks are not fun.  I still get gaunted just thinking about those things.  It is like you are trapped in your head and that trapping feeling is what scares the living day lights out of you.  You feel like you are losing it.  If CBD can help people get rid of those things then I think we should give CBD a try.  Thanks for the post. 

    1. Hey Eric, I know what you mean about being trapped in your head. I can completely relate. Thank you for your response. 

  5. Very interesting. I can imagine that right now many people may be going through some anxiety, due to being home all the time. When you take CBD oil, when does it begin to take effect, I mean, when do you begin to feel the results? Does it take a few days or perhaps a week before you begin seeing or feeling a change? The reason I’m asking is because yesterday I started taking cbd oil (for an inflammation in my knee capsule) and I am very curious about this.

    What is the right dosage of cbd oil for an adult? Is it calculated on body weight or are there more factors that need to be considered?

  6. Hello there,

    I enjoyed reading your article and many people can relate to these emotions that can come and go unexpectedly! Stress can cause many problems and its important to handle it before it takes over your life completely! 

    I have heard of cbd oil but didn’t really understand how it works and what it does – I do now! I am thankful to understand how it decreases these harmful feeling naturally and that there are better solutions to try first before using harsh medications or bad habits, many thanks:)

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